We can. Just send us an email - info@espressoninja.co.nz No, we are an independent coffee machine servicing company. Check out our friends on the links page to find a coffee roastery that best suits what you value. We will probably meet you at the machinery installation stage! Yes we service and repair commercial and [...]


Setting the grind


Before we start- is your coffee locally roasted (at least NZ) and fresh? Is your extraction too slow? Too fast? Not coming out at all? This more than likely indicates that the grinder setting needs to be adjusted. The espresso machine itself should have its temperature, flow rate and pressure all calibrated already, unless there [...]

Setting the grind2017-08-31T11:59:42+12:00

Cleaning Your Coffee Machine


Over time coffee oils, fats and sugars will coat the internal workings of your espresso machine and portafilter. If not cleaned this will lead to poor quality coffee and the inner workings of the group will leak or seize. We see this all the time and it’s easy to avoid. The below instructions are advised [...]

Cleaning Your Coffee Machine2017-08-31T11:45:03+12:00

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