Coffee Catcha 58mm


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The Coffee Catcha is a new tool which helps reduce wastage of ground coffee. Not only does it save cafe owners money, it also eliminates mess and acts as a scraper to give a consistent dosage every time it’s used.

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How it works
It is quite simple really… The Coffee Catcha acts as a funnel to stop the ground coffee from falling over the edge of the portafilter.
It is then used to scrape off the excess grind (as the barista would usually do with their finger).
Using the Coffee Catcha is also quite simple, trials have shown that it only takes a couple of days for the barista to get used to.

Saves the cafe money.
 Trials have shown that the barista will save around 5-8% of all ground coffee wastage. Check out “The Savings” to see how much money that equates to
No more mess. Makes the workspace look cleaner, saves time on cleanup and the baristas hands stay a lot cleaner
Increases consistency. The basket can be overfilled every time giving correct dosage and reducing channelling
Better hygiene. The Coffee Catcha is also a scraper meaning the barista no longer needs to use their finger to scrape off excess grinds.

The Savings
The return on investment (ROI) to a cafe using 1kg of coffee per day is only a few weeks. For high production cafes the ROI is only a few days.
With domestic and office usage, whilst the overall coffee used is often not a lot compared to a cafe, the biggest savings is in time spent cleaning up the mess.

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