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Handcrafted in Germany, the latest Comandante C40 mark III hand grinder is a stylish, robust, high-performing precision tool for coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs. This is a lifetime grinder.

The C40 (MK3) is fitted with an advanced burr set which is the result of dedicated research and development. The geometry and structure of the Nitro Blade has been refined to ensure that the Comandante C40 delivers the grind performance you are looking for. Whether you’re brewing Turkish coffee or French Press, do it in style with one versatile, easily adjustable unit.

In stock


Nitro Blade Burr Set

The Nitro Blade burr set is the ultimate in performance. The burrs cut through coffee beans to deliver a grind that is extremely precise and very uniform, whilst leaving the least amount of fines. Both ring and core are cut out of a solid block of high-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel, making the Nitro Blade sharp and strong, with excellent edge retention and wear resistance. Nitro Blade burrs are also non-corrosive and deliver excellent cut performance.


Burrs: Patented High-Alloyed High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel
Hopper Body: Stainless Steel, with Black finish
Axle & Crank: Stainless Steel
Crank-Knob: 100% Black Oak Wood

Grind catchment jar: Glass (Holds approximately 40g.)
Axle Bearings: 2x Stainless Steel Micro Ball Bearing with Rubber Seals

Comandante C40 Nitro User Manual

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