Compostable coffee dump bin bags 25qty


Packet of 25 compostable sleeve liner bags to suit 14cm wide commercial floor standing dump tubes.

Coffee grounds are a precious resource. This organic matter adds vital nitrogen to compost which can be returned to the earth to improve soil quality and water retention, helping new growth thrive.

These tube liners are a sustainable alternative to plastic liners, designed to line knock tubes to make it easy to collect and transport coffee grounds.

They are certified both Home Compostable and Commercially Compostable, with a micron thickness that gives durability when full with coffee grounds. Therefore, the complete bag and contents can be utilized in your home garden.


  • Suitable for coffee dump tubes that are 14cm wide
  • AS4736 (Commercially Compostable) & AS5810 (Home Compostable)
  • Breaks down in a home compost in around in 90 days (under the right composting conditions – heat, moisture and oxygen)
  • Certified under Australian Standard (AS4736-2006), the European Standard (EN13432-2000) and the American Standard (ASTM D6400). Home compostable standard AS5810
  • Do not break down into micro plastics – they break down into a non-toxic bio-mass (compost)
  • Store in a cool, dry draw or pantry. As these bags are designed to breakdown they have a 12-15 months shelf life
  • These bags and liners are meant to break down quickly, they are doing their job! Ensure your bin liner is changed every few days or more often, especially if your rubbish or food scraps are wet or acidic

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