Motta Adjustable Coffee Leveling Tool 58mm

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Motta Adjustable Coffee Leveling Tool 58mm


The Motta leveling tool is height adjustable to be used with any filter and dose. It’s the perfect tool to get a level coffee bed ready for tamping with a calibrated tamper, minimizing channeling situations and increasing coffee extraction, ensuring greater consistency of espresso.


  • Designed with three oblique angles creating fins smoothly carrying coffee around the portafilter
  • Equal distribution and uniform coffee density on the portafilter
  • Perfectly flat surface for tamping
  • Ensures healthy beverage and protection for barista hands as there is no contact with the coffee during equal distribution
  • Adjustable height for a perfect fit on the portafilter regardless of the amount in grams of the dose used
  • Adjustable according to each dose and the characteristics of the coffee

Additional information

Weight .400 kg

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