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We have a large, dedicated team of Ninjas, providing a depth of experience and flexibility from across the industry to enable us to help you when you need us most. With over 100 years combined experience, our team has a wealth of knowledge from all aspects of the coffee industry. From useful barista tips, to completely rebuilding your espresso machine- we can do it all!

We believe in doing something once and doing it right the first time. You can count on us for honest advice to give you the best possible outcome for you and your machinery.


Priority Booking.

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Come and see us to get your home machine serviced. Fast, friendly and efficient service completed by experts. Over 10 years in business with decades of experience amongst our team.

There is no need to make a booking for your domestic coffee machine and or grinder. Simply bring it into our workshop or retail shop for us to add this to the queue. Bring in your portafilter/handle, drip tray and lids on your machine or grinder. Please leave your original box at home. We operate an Agile workflow to efficiently turn machines around as soon as possible. This is the most cost effective way to maintain your machine.

Many people out there have spent $3000+ on a Rocket or Domobar, and then suffer average coffee as time takes its toll. Let our technicians breathe some new life into your beloved coffee maker.