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Custom Machines

Want to stand out from the crowd? We love building custom machines and can build just about anything you want. The only limitations are budget and imagination! We can customize any machine we have in store, or if you have a well loved machine you want to breathe some life into we can do that too. Send us your ideas and we can put together a custom quote for you. 

Customizations can include timber fixtures, paint or powdercoat, lighting, CNC cutting, and electroplating. Check out our Instagram, or online gallery for inspiration. We want to make your coffee machine dreams come true!



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Rebuilt used machines 
gas Fired Machines

Espresso Ninja rebuilt machines are stripped down to the bare chassis, all replaceable parts are replaced with new, the boiler and pipe work are descaled and cleaned and the machine panels are freshly powder coated. The machine is given new life and is ready to start over! Our rebuilt machines are as good as new and we stand behind them.

We are licensed to fit and certify gas kits to Wega machines. These are perfect for running in a mobile coffee cart or van.