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Black Belt Barista Professional Calibrated Tamper

Espresso Ninja’s very own calibrated professional-quality tamper is 100% manufactured right here in Wellington, New Zealand. With the highest grade stainless steel, a super smooth comfortable acetal handle, and a pre-tensioned spring-loaded action for consistent tamping pressure, every time. It’s a consistent and reliable favourite in cafes and homes all over the country

  • Premium, professional quality calibrated tamper
  • Available to suit most espresso machines
  • 58.4mm
  • 58mm
  • 57mm
  • 54.5mm
  • 53mm
  • 51.5mm
  • 49mm
  • High-grade stainless steel
  • Smooth, precise, and consistent tamping pressure every time
  • Heavy, high-quality feel - 430g
  • 100% made in Wellington, NZ
  • Proven quality and durability used in cafes around the country
  • This is a lifetime tamper, so it comes with a lifetime warranty!
  • Not sure what size you need? Call us or carefully measure the internal diameter of your portafilter basket.

Additional information

Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 9.6 cm
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58.4mm, 58mm, 57mm, 54.5mm, 53mm, 51.5mm, 49mm