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Dalla Corte Mina

The Dalla Corte Mina is an incredible machine. We’re stoked to announce that Espresso ninja is the official distributor for Dalla Corte!

The Dalla Corte Mina is a commercial dual boiler espresso machine with an acute focus on repeatable, consistent results. A manual lever offers control over the flow rate, with the ability to create fundamentally different extraction profiles based on your tastes. The Mina App opens the door to automatic brewing with flow control and a wealth of adjustable features.
Dalla Corte’s patented DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) controls the flow in each stage of extraction. The valve opening can be pre-set with 0,01mm precision. Pre-infusion can start from 0 bar!
The flow meter provides perfect automatic dosing, but you can also control the extraction manually. Once you’ve found your ideal setting, you can pre-set automatic dosing or you can extract in manual mode. With the Mina app you can easily set all parameters.

  • Top brand Dalla Corte
  • High-performance, fully professional espresso machine
  • Latest version
  • Made in Milan
  • Cafe quality coffee in the home, office, restaurant, or small cafe
  • True double boiler
  • Incredible thermal stability
  • Exceptional commercial build quality
  • Complete commercial-grade components
  • Commercial rotary pump - to be plumbed into mains water
  • Near silent operation
  • PID adjustable temperature control for both boilers to 0.1 degrees
  • Precise flow control between o-12 grams per second in five stages via the Mina App or on the fly with the group yoke
  • Super precise and consistent volumetric control - program your shot to stop by itself
  • Very powerful steam wand
  •  Multi-function knob
  • Single shot, double shot, manual
  • Three pressure gauges. Steam pressure, pump pressure, and brew pressure
  • Adjustable brew pressure
  • Download the Dalla Corte Mina App to access loads of features
  • Daily on/off scheduler
  • Auto-off energy-saving mode
  • Flow rate is displayed as grams per second
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Saturated group/boiler
  • Adjustable pre-infusion
  • Shot timer
  • Integrated LED barista lighting
  • Hot water dispenser with cold water mix - two programmable doses with no spitting hot water
  • Large 3 litre steam boiler
  • 500ml litre coffee boiler
  • Powerful 2000 - 2850w (9-12 amps)
  • Power saving feature - Asynchronous heating mode lowers the total draw to 9 amps, which means you can use a standard power plug and outlet.
  • Needs to be plumbed in including the wastewater
  • Portafilter size is 54mm
  • A smaller diameter and deeper basket means a smaller surface area, with less force applied across the coffee bed
  • This helps to reduce channeling, and we find provides extra sweetness and body
  • Complete stainless steel double and single portafilters
  • Dimensions (w x h x d) 385 x 385 x 410 mm
  • Weight - 33kg
  • Available in black (dark) and yellow
  • One of the most technician-friendly machines we've ever seen
  • Espresso Ninja is the NZ authorized distributor and we have all the parts available. We've got you covered

Every Dalla Corte Mina comes with an awesome kit!

Mina handbook
Stainless steel tamper
500ml milk pitcher
Two stainless steel portafilters. One single spout and one double spout
Eight IMS competition portafilter baskets. Two for single espresso and six for double espresso
Backflushing blind basket
Group head cleaning brush
Complete set of flexible water connection hoses
Dispersion screen removal tool
Espresso machine cleaning tablets
Tamping mat
Spare dispersion screen
Two spare portafilter basket springs
Two sizes of steam wand tip. One with three holes. One with two holes.
Two Dalla Corte porcelain espresso cups
Two Dalla Corte cappuccino cups
Dalla Corte canvas barista apron

Plumbing into mains will require an additional water filtration kit which is site-specific. Contact us to enquire or add the below:

Everpure QL1 Filter Head Kit
Everpure OCS2 Filter Cartridge

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