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Lelit water filter and softener – 2 pack

Genuine replacement Lelit water filter and softener.

  • Water filter and softener for Lelit coffee machines - designed to reduce limescale and other water contaminants
  • 35 or 70 litre capacity
  • Two pack


Remove the water supply tube from the tank. Holding the water tube firmly, pull the filter to remove it from the end of the water hose. Insert the outlet of your new filter on to the end of the water hose and push the hose over the outlet for a firm fit.

NOTE: new filter will be dry and may float on top of the water in your tank. Hold the new filter under the water while operating the pump to prime the system by saturating the filter with water.

Recommend to replace every 6 months if not replaced sooner.

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35L, 70L