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Newton Brua Espresso Maker


The Newton Brua is a beautifully designed, robust, and high-quality manual espresso maker that is hugely rewarding to use. We tested it thoroughly and fully dig it. To view, visit the Black Belt Barista Store!

Each Brua is handmade, assembled, and tested in Hawke’s Bay New Zealand. Go Kiwi!

  • We're proud to be the exclusive Wellington reseller for Newton espresso!
  • Designed and made in New Zealand!
  • Come and view this beauty in our Black Belt Barista Store
  • The Brua is a small, high-quality manual espresso maker
  • The small size means it's easy to transport or take camping
  • All you need is ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you are all set
  • Stunning minimalist design
  • Precision machined body, piston, and tamper
  • The stainless steel basket holds up to 19 grams of finely ground coffee
  • Includes matching 51mm anodised aluminium tamper
  • Requires source for hot water
  • Non-electric - does not heat or steam
  • Materials -  Anodised aluminium, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and natural timber
  • Robust, quality feel. This is a lifetime machine
  • Bottomless only - view the quality of your extraction every time
  • Super easy to rinse through or disassemble to clean
  • Thoughtful and sustainable packaging
  • Available in orange or black

How to use the Brua:

  1. Start by boiling your water (you'll lose some heat as you pour, so we recommend starting hotter than you wish to brew)
  2. Place a cup under the Brua. With the piston down, fill the chamber with just off-the-boil water
  3. Slowly raise the lever to the top, the water is drawn into the chamber, then press the lever all the way down
  4. The hot water will flow through the system and into the cup. Repeat this process to preheat the Brua and your cup
  5. Remove and dry the coffee basket
  6. Measure and grind your dose of coffee - we like about 16-18 grams of coffee. Your grind size should be appropriate for espresso
  7. Add the coffee to the basket, tap to settle, and then tamp firmly, as evenly and level as possible
  8. Insert the basket holder into the piston chamber
  9. With the lever down, add the hot water into the chamber. For an 18 gram dose, we use around 60 grams of water to account for both the desired output and the water retained by the coffee puck. You should get more or less 40 grams of espresso in the cup. Make adjustments with your doses and grind size to taste
  10. Place your pre-heated cup underneath the basket
  11. Begin your extraction by softly lowering the lever
  12. Once you see the espresso beginning to bead from the basket, increase your pressure for the duration of the extraction, and release pressure when you wish to stop the shot

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16.5 × 30.5 cm
Choose your colour

Orange, Black