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Wally Milk

Wally Milk is the easy way to steam milk. He’s an extra set of hands during busy café times. Simply place a filled pitcher of milk on Wally Milk’s tilt tray and he’ll get to work. No measuring or special equipment is required. Wally Milk automatically scans any matte finish jug adjusting the steam quantity to the milk volume. Steamed to the finest consistency every time, baristas can pour elaborate latte art with ease. With Wally Milk, every pour is picture-perfect.

  • Top-quality brand - Made by La Marzocco
  • Pro-Touch Steam Wand. Insulated steam wand that prevents burns and milk from sticking to the wand
  • 24V Electronics. Provides the machine with improved reliability and machine diagnostics
  • Temperature Sensor. An infrared sensor monitors the steaming temperature to assure maximum consistency
  • Easy Access for Technicians. Engineered or easy service and minimal downtimes
  • USB to simplify future upgrades
  • Tilting Platform. The tray tilts as Wally Milk is steaming, replicating the movement of the barista
  • Proximity sensor. Measures the jug’s size and milk level
  • Espresso machine compatibility. Can be attached directly to the steam tip or steam boiler of most commercial espresso machines
  • Digital display. Intuitive programming makes it easy to adjust machine parameters
  • Vortex Steam Tips. Exclusive steam tip that helps steam the milk
  • Multiple recipes. Record up to 20 recipes, selectable with a push of a button
  • All stainless steel
  • 3 pitchers included. Wally Milk is equipped with 3 pitchers to minimize milk waste. (250ml, 400ml, 700ml)
  • Very low power consumption. Only 45w
  • Dimensions: 49cm high x 23cm wide x 33cm deep.
  • Weight - 10kg
  • *You'll also need a connection kit that is specific to your machine. This is a separate item. Let us know and we can help.
  • Are you a wholesale customer? Reach out for wholesale prices!