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Aremde Nexus Pro Package

What is the ultimate coffee experience? What intangible thing makes a customer loyal? Or a barista produce the best quality coffee?

For Aremde, it means harnessing the power of design and tech.  It means simple, efficient, and sustainable cafe workflow. It means quality: in design, aesthetics, and tech.  It means creating a theatre of coffee, celebrating and showcasing the artistry and skills of the barista.

The ultimate experience is NEXUS Pro.

  • Espresso Ninja is the exclusive NZ distributor of Aremde!
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Incredibly robust stainless steel build quality and reliability
  • Beautiful curved stainless steel chassis and body. 100% hand fabricated by skilled artisans.
  • This machine is built for volume
  • Modus One cup warmer is included as standard
  • Wexus weight-based extraction system is included as standard (gravimetric)
  • Work with Aremde designers to choose a custom colour for your NEXUS One, free of charge. This also includes the addition of your logo on the front, top, or side of the machine
  • Awarded Best New Product-Commercial Equipment, by the Specialty Coffee Association in Berlin 2019
  • Awarded Best Designed Product at the Good Design Awards 2019
  • Awarded Best Engineered Product at the Good Design Awards 2019
  • Exceptional thermal stability with the T3 system
  • The technology integrated into the brew circuit ensures temperature fluctuation is less than 0.2C
  • Digital display with shot timers
  • All service components are housed in an under-counter unit on wheels. Making it easy for technicians!
  • Extremely precise dose control
  • 3-way single button per group
  • Single push for a single dose, double push for a double, long press for a purge or continuous
  • Sliding raised cup trays
  • Electronic steam with large orifice solenoid valves for powerful steaming
  • Steam is kept superheated and with minimal condensation via a thermosyphon system
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • PID temperature adjustment for steam and brew water
  • LED barista lights
  • Individual group adjustment of temperature and dose control
  • Multi boiler and high heating power for quick recovery. This is built for high volumes
  • The hot water spout is dosed and has an adjustable cold water mixer. No spitting hot water
  • Comes with high-quality and precise Pullman portafilters, baskets, and a Pullman Big Step tamper
  • Selection of steam wand tips
  • Solid stainless steel portafilters. Two or three doubles and one single
  • 14-litre dedicated steam boiler with PID temp control for the two group
  • 17-litre dedicated steam boiler with PID temp control for the three group
  • 1-litre group boiler (per group) with PID temp control
  • Heated groups with PID temp control
  • Delivered in an incredibly robust and protective timber crate
  • Made with quality Nuova Simonelli parts. Easy for any technician to service
  • Cup Warmer: MODUS - included as standard
  • Body: Stainless Steel - 304/316 - Coated
  • These are hand-made to order. Lead time is approx 6-8 weeks
  • Supported by a two-year warranty
  • Wholesale customer? Reach out for wholesale pricing!


Two group
Countertop unit L: 925 mm, D: 230 mm, H: 405 mm
Under counter unit L: 710 mm, D: 346 mm, H: 512 mm
Weight: 95kg (CTU 40kg, UCU Electrical 15kg, UCU 40kg)
Power: 7,300W
Voltage: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz - (240VAC - 32 AMP)

Three group
Countertop unit L: 1200 mm, D: 230 mm, H: 405 mm
Under counter unit L: 860 mm, D: 346 mm, H: 512 mm
Weight: 110kg (CTU 50kg, UCU Electrical 15kg, UCU 45kg)
Power: 10,000W
Voltage: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz - (240VAC - 40 AMP)

Plumbing into mains will require an additional water filtration kit which is site-specific. Contact us to enquire!


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