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Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose

This grinder is so good, it’s on our all-time favourites list.

With zero-retention grinding, silent operation, single-dose hopper, and micro-metric adjustment of the burrs, the Eureka Mignon Single Dose coffee grinder is perfect for specialty coffee enthusiasts.

Oh, and it has flat burrs and is way more robustly made than that other single-dose grinder…

Handmade in Florence, Italy since 1920.

  • Zero retention grind chamber design sloped on a 15° angle
  • Italian made quality
  • Super quiet design at 60dB or less
  • Compact
  • 65mm Diamond Inside* flat burrs
  • 45g single dose bean hopper
  • Mignon Blow Up bellows system included
  • Stainless steel 58mm dose cup included
  • Powerful 320w motor
  • Fast 1650 RPM
  • Solid oak accents
  • Approx grinding speed - 2.3-2.8 grams per second for espresso, 2.8-3.3 grams for filter
  • Eureka stepless micro-metrical grind adjustment
  • Very reliable
  • Available in matte black, matte white, or chrome
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: (H) 321 mm x (W) 128 mm x (D) 260 mm
  • Weighs 7.2kg

*Diamond Inside is a patented process for thermal cryogenic treatment of burrs at temperature -193° C resulting in the formation of an increased crystal structure that guarantees a superior wear resistance and duration.

Diamond Inside is able to preserve the optimal burr geometry (sharpness) longer than any other burrs typology. It keeps the granulometry constant for an exceptionally high quantity of ground coffee: around 1300 kg with burrs of 65 mm, while the total duration can reach up to 1500/1600 kg.

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Weight 7.2 kg
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Matte black, Matte white, Chrome