Puqpress Q2


Finance this from $21 a week over 36 months*


That’s right, and so do you probably.
So what difference does Puqpress make?
Well, let us start by saying: we wish you to have a BIG line of customers every day. We are certain your tamp is Exquisite, but how is your time spend best?
We think by ensuring consistent quality for every coffee you serve while having a good time with customers. And isn’t that easier when this jolly fellow is tamping 100% perfect for you all the time?
Puqpress removes the variation in tamping and increases the consistency right at the core of your business. Q2 contains our most advanced technology and does everything a Barista could wish for.


  • Top quality Dutch brand – Made in the Netherlands
  • Precision automatic coffee tamper
  • Improve coffee consistency by standardizing tamping
  • Small footprint with adjustable portafilter support
  • Tamper size – 58.3mm
  • Tamper shape – flat
  • Tamping pressure is adjustable to 1kg between 10-30kg
  • Tamp time is 1.3 seconds – Improve barista efficiency
  • Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up
  • New advanced stiffer frame provides further precision and life span
  • New easy adjustment wheel simplifies correct setup
  • The new updated design now works perfectly with naked portafilters
  • Cleaning mode moves the tamp head down for easy cleaning
  • Available in matte black or matte white
  • Low power consumption – 60 watt
  • Warranty – One year

“It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure all day long. A wonderful tool for us as Baristas.” 
– Klaus Thomsen, Owner of Coffee Collective & former World Barista Champion

*Contact us for finance details

Additional information

Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12.5 × 22 cm

Matte black, Matte white

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