Puqpress Q2 (Gen 4) 54.4mm


The Puqpress Gen 4 54.4mm is perfect for any busy cafe with a La San Marco espresso machine.


  • Top-quality Dutch brand – Made in the Netherlands
  • Precision automatic coffee tamper
  • Improve coffee consistency by standardizing tamping
  • Small footprint with adjustable portafilter support
  • Tamper size – 54.4mm suits La San Marco
  • Tamper shape – flat
  • Tamping pressure is adjustable to 1kg between 10-30kg
  • Tamp time is 1.3 seconds – Improve barista efficiency
  • Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up
  • A stiff frame provides precision and life span
  • The easy adjustment wheel simplifies correct setup
  • Works perfectly with naked portafilters
  • Cleaning mode moves the tamp head down for easy cleaning
  • 54.4mm size is available in matte black only
  • Low power consumption – 60 watt
  • Warranty – One year

“Better extraction, easy workflow and no more sore arms after busy days. We are never going back”
– Colin Harmon, Four time WBC finalist.

“It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure all day long. A wonderful tool for us as Baristas.” 
– Klaus Thomsen, Owner of Coffee Collective & former World Barista Champion.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12.5 × 22 cm

Matte black 58.3, Matte white 58.3, Matte black 54.4

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