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Mahlkonig E65S GbW


It is the holy grail of coffee grinding: dosing by a pre-set weight. Forget about dosing by a timer or dosing by volume. Where these dosing methods cause fluctuations, as they get affected by the condition of the coffee or the grind size adjustment, Grind-by-Weight delivers exactly the grams you set. The integrated high-precision load cell underneath the portafilter support enables ground breaking real-time scale controlled dosing, as it monitors the weight during the entire grinding process. The result: consistently accurate doses. Mahlkönig’s pioneering Disc Distance Detection (DDD) adds yet another layer of quality control as it lets you set the degree of fineness based on the actual distance between the burrs.

In stock

  • Made in Hamburg, Germany
  • Grind by weight technology for weight-based dosing
  • Real-time weight control during the grinding process
  • Proven premium grinding profile for a great taste experience
  • Active temperature management maintaining low aroma-saving grinding temperatures
  • Disc Distance Detection (DDD) enabling accurate settings of the degree of fineness (patent pending
  • Adjustable illuminated spout providing a centered coffee outlet
  • High-precision load cell for real-time weight control during the grinding process
  • Time savings and quality assurance through integrated Portafilter Detection
  • High-resolution 88.3 mm display with awide viewing angle
  • Innovative icon menu for intuitive operation
  • Multifunctional push and turn button
  • Modern slim design
  • Near-silent grinding
  • Quick, stepless, and single-handed grind adjustment with independent locking mechanism
  • Adjustable and removable spout to fit any portafilter
  • Bean hopper with enhanced durability
  • Universal, robust portafilter holder
  • Rated for 30kg per week
  • 1.2KG bean hopper
  • 65mm flat grinding burrs made of special steel
  • 440W motor
  • 1400 rpm (50Hz)
  • 12.7KG
  • Available in black
  • Outstanding particle size distribution allows high extraction rates for the best taste
  • Average grinding capacity: 4-7 g/s
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 19.5 x 58.3 x 28.3 cm
  • Certifications: CE, CB, ETL Safety, ETL Sanitation
  • Aluminium cast body
  • 1 year warranty

Additional information

Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 28.3 × 58.3 cm