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The RS1 Multi-boiler is the most advanced espresso machine from Rancilio, with a strong focus on specialty coffee. With automatic dosing, Advanced Temperature Profiling technology, pre-infusion, post-infusion, and heaps more!

Rancilio has been in the espresso machine business since being founded in Parabiago, Italy in 1927.

Available in two sizes – two group, or three group.


  • Digital 4.3″ touch screen display offers intuitive and instant control of all machine parameters
  • Advanced Temperature Profiling technology*, baristas can increase or decrease the temperature of the water dispensed during the espresso extraction by up to 5°C
  • Independent group boilers allow different temperatures to be set for each group head (150ml)
  • Pre-infusion and post-infusion pressure control^
  • Made entirely from thick gauge, high-quality stainless steel
  • The variable electronic steam lever features a purge function and two programmable pressure settings
  • Two programmable hot water dosing buttons and temperature control
  • Individual heads-up display for each group head detailing shot time, brewing profile and cleaning operation
  • Accurate volumetric control – 4 magnetic flowmeters with active learning technology ensure consistent espresso yields
  • Cool touch wands
  • Adjustable cup warmer with 5 heat settings
  • LED barista lights
  • Energy-saving Advanced Boiler Management (ABM) function to ensure constant heating temperature level
  • Automatic stand-by mode to reduce energy consumption while idle
  • Adjustable drip tray height from 80-120mm
  • Programmable timer function will drain and auto-renew steam boiler water daily, reducing scale and minerals
  • Low profile body designed to maximise customer interaction and service operations
  • Soft-touch weight balanced ergonomic filter holder for comfortable all-day operation
  • Stainless steel group head multi boilers
  • Fully insulated boilers
  • Hydro hub – integrated manifold for precise water delivery and distribution
  • Multifunction on-board computer and USB port for simple programming and data transfer
  • Independent water pump and steam pressure control gauges
  • Built-in volumetric rotary vane water pump for simple and safe installation
  • Multiple PID boiler temperature controls
  • An automated cleaning programme simplifies your daily clean
  • Solid brushed stainless steel for the entire machine
  • Adjustable feet with optional extensions
  • Solid quality and reliability
  • Automatic dose control. Shots can be set to stop automatically after a set volume.

Boiler sizes and power requirements:

  • Two group – 11 litre steam boiler – 5600w – 25 amp supply required
  • Three group – 16 litre steam boiler – 6750w – 32 amp supply required

Dimensions and weight:

  • Two group – W: 840mm D: 600mm H: 463mm – 95kg
  • Three group – W: 1084mm D: 600mm H: 463mm– 110kg

*Thanks to Advanced Temperature Profiling technology, baristas can increase or decrease the temperature of the water dispensed during espresso extraction by up to 5°C (9°F). By accurately controlling the temperature profile of the espresso extraction, baristas are given a precise tool to unlock the flavour potential of each single-origin coffee or blend. The Advanced Temperature Profiling system has a steel group head – which offers greater reactivity than a brass group – a micro-boiler with a higher thermal capacity (with a 300W heating element), and the presence of an additional 40W adhesive heating element on the front of the group. Rancilio Patented Technology.

^The barista can vary the water pressure both in the initial stage (pre-infusion) and in the final stage (post-infusion) of the extraction process, choosing between mains pressure or pump pressure, and also adjust the duration of all stages (pre-infusion, extraction, post-infusion).

Plumbing into mains will require an additional water filtration kit which is site-specific. Contact us to enquire!

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